Teacher Training Workshop

Information Regarding the Teacher Training Workshop at Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

For some time now, the global education and economic landscapes have been in a state of rapid transformation, spurred in significant part by two key changes.
1. The continued ascent of the knowledge economy, which has created powerful new incentives for people to build their skills through education – and for countries to help them do so.
2. The explosive growth of higher education worldwide, which has increased opportunities for millions and is expanding the global talent pool of highly educated individuals.
Global community has acknowledged that higher education is the only way to lead the world. It is a necessary and laudable goal that is critical to economic competitiveness, equal opportunity, and a healthy democracy. It is equally important to success in the 21st-century knowledge economy. Latest employer surveys indicate increased emphasis on hiring individuals with postsecondary degrees and higher levels of skills and knowledge. Latest surveys have shown that in 2008, a man with higher education could expect to earn 58% more than his counterpart with no more than an upper secondary education, on average across OECD countries. By 2010, this premium had increased to 67%.
Time has come to realize that educational attainment is a key driver of economic performance, especially related to innovative growth. It is the actual skills and knowledge acquired that matter for productivity. It follows that improving the quality of education is at least as important as increasing the overall rate of participation in higher education. The achievement of this goal requires sustained attention to the quality of student learning. Quality learning can only be achieved through quality teaching which can be achieved through developing faculty’s quality teaching skill.
At Department of Computer Science & Information Technology, I have delived a two days Teacher Training Workshop encompassing following areas:
1. Key Skills of an Effective Teacher
2. Course Development, Effective Pedagogy & Content Delivery
3. Assessment & Evaluation
4. Guidance & Counseling

I have uploaded the slides of this workshop for knowledge sharing. Please visit http://www.innovators.edu.pk/node/288 to download my presentations slides.

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  1. Hi, I’m from Pakistan Coalition for Education and was wondering if it would be possible for us to get in touch with you regarding workshops like these?

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