Inception of a New Institution of Inspiring Teaching & Innovative Learning (Pasha Institute of Emerging Disciplines)

Our society is passing through an unprecedented change. Ever improving high speed communication links and transportation means have brought global boundaries into the reach of a common man. Our Segmented world has become a global village. The latest technological advancements, social engineering outcomes, and the emergence of new knowledge boundaries have revolutionaries our ways of working, thinking, and living. Even, these changes are transforming our values, believes, thoughts, associations, and social behavior. For example, at one time literacy was considered to be the ability to read and write, and perhaps do math. But, the current revolutionary era has increased the intensity and complexity of literate environments. So, a literate person now needs to possess a wide range of abilities and competencies. Now literacy has become a necessary condition to equip people to participate in the local, national and global economy, culture and polity. Similarly, a generation ago, initial education was expected to last students for a lifetime. But, at the current rate of growth of knowledge, education and training need to prepare learners at all levels for more rapid change than ever before, for jobs that have not yet been created, using technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve problems that can not be foreseen.
At present we are experiencing an era of knowledge eruption – named as the knowledge revolution. At the time when you are reading this message, somebody at the far end of the Atlantic will be working on new trends, tools or concepts allied with the milieu of Knowledge Based Technologies and its implementation. The amount of technical information is doubling about every two years. It is estimated that the rate of information doubling will occur every 72 hours. President of Georgia Tech Institute of Technology wisely worn the academic community about the fact that a student leant knowledge in 1st year will become outdated by the time he will be studying in 3rd year of his/her study.
The process of current change is based on three defining forces: the rise in knowledge use in economic activities, the increasing globalization of economic affairs, and the high pace of technological advancements particularly information & communications technologies. For some, this change is the driving force behind the current progress; it has created wealth, expanded opportunities and provided a nurturing environment for individuals, organizations, and countries. For others, these changes have created unemployment, poverty and marginalization, and are thus perceived as a force institutionalizing social crises. They believe that current changes have aggravated inequalities both within and between communities, societies, even countries because of the sharply diverging experience at individual levels. It has increased economic and political insecurity even for those who have benefited in monetary terms. Consequently, the digital, economic, and literacy divides are rapidly expanding in countries that have already been encountering the conventional dilemma of “have” and have not”.
As Chairman of the Pasha Trust, I am personally a staunch advocate of the fact that education is the only mean to combat these challenges which are the concerns of the global community. Education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another. Yet we need to ensure that young people get the right education which prepares them to meet challenges of the 21st century. It is equally important to note that skills and technology have flattened the world so that all work that can be digitized, automated and outsourced can now be done by the most effective and competitive individuals, enterprises or countries, wherever they are. Therefore, we need to upgrade the existing education model to cater the need and demands of today’s technology intensive knowledge driven complex work places. For this, we need to invent new educational processes which not only accommodate the high pace of knowledge eruption, but also ensure students’ intellectual and professional development with a global mindset so that the successful graduates can take up their role and responsibilities of global society.
Realizing these aspects, Pasha Trust has established “Pasha Institute of Emerging Disciplines”. I am confident, PIED will set new educational standards through implementing innovative educational processes for creating an effective teaching-learning environment. At PIED, the faculty and staff are striving to gain excellence in:

At PIED, we are devising and implementing the best practices of Knowledge Management to create a learning environment to foster intellectual and personal growth of students, faculty and staff through:

  • Realizing the importance of Intellectual capital
  • Enriching their theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Strengthening their understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities
  • Providing practical experience for enabling them to become valuable contributors
  • Improving their knowledge and skills to grow professionally

Although PIED is affiliated with the University of Sargodha and follows the University curriculum for its academic programs. Yet, to maintain its pride and distinctiveness PIED offers inspiring teaching & innovative learning. Our Branded Education, Personality Grooming Program, &Trans-Disciplinary Approach ensures students’ success in today’s Knowledge Economies.
PIED is teaching its students with a global mindset and preparing them to compete in the global knowledge economies. For this, adopting a futuristic approach, the Institute offers additional market oriented courses, special workshops, and practical activities. PIED’s Personality Grooming Program aims to produce professionals of international standards ready to work in multinational companies. The Institute’s Trans-Disciplinary Approach prepares students to get jobs in multiple domains. In fact, PIED is developing its own brand. PIED’s graduate will be acknowledging as a quality brand of computing graduates in local as well as global market. For all these additional support, the students do not pay any additional fee.
For achieving these targets, the Institute continuously upgrading and strengthening its programs by:

  • Adopting appropriate curriculum and its supporting pedagogy that meets the needs of the students, demands of the global employment market and fulfills the accreditation criteria of national and international bodies.
  • Accommodating the varied learning styles of a diverse student population
  • Recognizing and supporting the application of research in ICT and other emerging branches of learning
  • Recognizing and supporting creativity associated with the educational technology and innovative teaching methodologies

The faculty, staff and administration at PIED has a long standing commitment to international education and to the promotion of global understanding and goodwill. They also strive to serve as a model for the advancement of professional standards and quality instruction in intensive programs in Pakistan. The Institute is equipped with state-of-the art teaching technology and other educational resources. PIED’s excellent teaching pedagogy, well-designed curriculum, purpose built infrastructure along with professional competency, commitment and handwork provide a congenial environment for learning. It’s Culture Sensitive Student Centered Friendly Interactive Learning Strategy gives the students ample opportunity to develop the necessary skills in their respective fields and helps faculty and staff to offer the best possible service and the greatest enjoyable and memorable lifetime experience at the most economical and competitive price.

Effective communication is one the most distinctive feature of PIED’s students. The English language training program designed to provide a high quality intensive training to assist students in attaining linguistic proficiency and broadening their cultural awareness for success in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

The Institute strictly follows the QAA Quality Assurance Code of Practice and PIED’s Knowledge Management Strategies to maintain the quality of teaching, curriculum, resources, staff, management, premises, and welfare and to meet the requirements of various accreditation bodies.

The Institute is open throughout the year and offers a wide range of under-graduate & post-graduate programs in multi-disciplinary domains including Computer Science, IT, Commerce, Accounting & Finance, Business Administration, Mass Communications, Psychology, etc. In addition the he Institute also offers diploma, short courses, and certifications in IELTS, TOFEL, Teacher Training , Management & Accounting, Adult Education, Computer Software & Hardware, ICT, etc. The Institution especially caters the individual needs of special needs students through the use of Assistive and Rehabilitative Technologies.
Finally, I would like to comment that Pasha Institute of Emerging Disciplines (PIED) will bring high quality education in the reach of common people. I am sure all those students who are getting admission in PIED’s academic program will always receive a warm welcome from teachers, staff and students alike. Students will find the teachers and staff dedicated to helping them to achieve their goals and to make their stay enjoyable and memorable.


3 Replies to “Inception of a New Institution of Inspiring Teaching & Innovative Learning (Pasha Institute of Emerging Disciplines)”

  1. May all the students benefit from one of the best of all the IT & computer Science teachers in Pakistan.
    Over the last twenty years many hundreds and hundreds of students have successfully graduated and made their lives under the guidance of this dedicated teacher / mentor & IT professor. May Allah Tallah continue to utilise your vast knowledge in this field to help thousands more students start a career and make a turning point in their future lives.
    Finding someone so dedicated to changing Pakistan’s future and the whole world of IT education with such integrity and a real compassion for fellow students and teachers alike is an amazing thing. I truly recommend this college and its Staff especially its Dean Dr Pasha Saab.
    I wish you all the best Dear Dr Professor Pasha Saab. My prayers are always with you.

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