Pathatic situation of University of Education


There is a great debate in Pakistan about fake degrees; very few people talk about the state of affairs in higher education institutions.  University of Education is an alarming example of this situation. The administration of the University is in the hand of retired and incompetent people. Apart from a lot of complaints from students, nobody bothers to take action against them.  What kind of educational standard we can expect from following administration:

§  Vice Chancellor (Care Taker) Mrs. Farhat Saleem – Not eligible for even university Associate Processor; Two unsettled objections of financial embezzlement against her of amount Rs. 2,36,32,412/ = and  Rs. 2,85,116/= (Director General Audit Punjab  had framed these objections.

§  Acting Registrar Mr. Bashir Ahmed (On Contract)Retired DCO; No prior experience of university administration; Appointed as Additional Director Admin; Audit para against his appointment

§  Controller Examination(Acting) Dr. Shaban Bhatti (On contract); Retired Professor; Facing HEC Enquiry; Audit objection against his appointment as controller

§  Treasurer (Acting) Mr. Muhammad  Arif –  Appointed as Additional Director Finance but working as Treasurer; Audit para against his appointment as Treasure; Many complaints against him

§  Deputy Director Admin Mr. Nasir Ahmed – (Illegal appointment) Audit objection against his Illegal appointment

§  Director Okara Campus Dr. Shafiq Khan (On contract) – Retired Professor; Faced many University enquiries; But no action taken against him; Audit objection against his appointment

§  Director Division of Education Dr. Khalid Mahmmod – Assistant Professor  (Appointment against UE Regulations); According to UE Calendar 2005, Schedule 41 item No.(3.2) Assistant Professor cannot be appointed as Director of a Division 

§  Director Division of Arts & Social Sciences Dr. Muzafar Abbas (On contract) –   Retired Professor of college cadre

§  Principal Multan Campus Dr. Zahoor Sheikh (On contract) – Retired Professor

§  Chairman Admission Committee (Div. Sci. & Tech) Dr. Manzoor Ahmed (On contract) – Retired Professor

§  In charge Security Mr. Aleem Khan (On contract) – Retired Major from Pak Army

§  Ph. D. Supervisor of Mrs. Farhat Saleem Dr. Ibrahim Khalid (On contract) – Retired Professor

The appointment of retired personals are against HEC, Punjab Government regulations and comes under the ambit of the observation of the Hounorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Who is going to take action? this is a serious question.



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