A Golden Opportunity to Get a Ph. D. Degree

A Golden Opportunity to Get a Ph. D. Degree

From the last one month the University is functioning without any Vice Chancellor. The corrupt administration is taking the full advantage of this opportunity and setting up new standards of corruption and intellectual dishonesty.  Now-a-days, unofficial rate for a Ph. D. Degree has come down to Rs. 100,000/=. This is an unofficial report for all those who are interested to get a speedy Ph. D. Degrees. University of Education is an ideal place for them. Do not worry; no one will take any action even any one report against you.  Here are some recent examples:

After awarding a Ph. D. Degree to Mr. Farhat Saleem even having following short comings:

  • One of her foreign examiners has pointed out that “There are too many references which are not found in the bibliography”. Usually such practices are carried out by lazy students who copy other’s work without reading the actual sources. This practice is considered as plagiarism and is strongly discouraged even in the academic community. Mrs. Farhat Saleem’s thesis was submitted for final evaluation for the award of Ph. D. degree not a rough draft for proof reading. 
  • Just to bring into readers notice, the similarity index generated by the HEC Plagiarism Software of Mrs. Farhat Saleem’s thesis was much higher than the required stahdard. Her thesis was sent for evaluation on her supervisor’s recommendations.  The same foreign examiner proposed other changes and recommended that “the degree of Ph.D. be awarded to the candidate subject to the adjustment recommended”.
  • The agenda item was presented to the meeting in the absence of the Chairperson. According to the University Calendar Schedule [Section 41.5] in the absence of Chairperson the meeting adjourns and the case cannot be presented.  Nevertheless, the case was presented.
  • In a meeting of Board of Studies (Division of Education) held on dated 26/04/2010, among other three members, as Convener Mrs. Farhat Saleem herself appointed   her examiners for her Ph.D. thesis.
  • Just after 11 days of Board of Advanced Studies and Research meeting, in spite of the above mentioned short comings, Mrs. Farhat Saleem was awarded with a Ph. D. Degree. 

Last week two other Ph. D. students were invited for their thesis defense even there is no Vice Chancellor.  Their thesis defenses were conducted very secretly. Mr. Nasir Mahmood is one of the students. His Ph.D. examiners reports are as below: 

  • One of his foreign examiners pointed out many shortcoming of his thesis like “ However, what is unclear is how the review informed the development of the devised instrument used in the survey – this need to be clear … In the analysis (p94, and elsewhere) the use of numbers and percentages in the same paragraph is confusing and detracts from the statements being made … the concluding chapter is in need of a re-write so that the differences and similarities of regular and contract teachers are more clearly demonstrated”.  The examiner recommended that “the candidate be invited to amend his dissertation along the lines outlined above. In doing so he will enhance his work, make it more accessible to a wider readership, and make a more significant contribution to research in field.”  
  • His local examiner also made various observations and recommended that “the candidate should be asked to remove the suggested errors and faults. Correction should be made and the same will be resubmitted for the award of degree.”
  • According to Ph. D. Regulations 9.9 the candidate has to make the recommended changes and according to Ph. D. Regulations 9.10 the revised version of the thesis will be sent to the same examiner who proposed the changes.  Contrarily, the UE administration manipulated the minutes of proceeding of BASR and reported: “The scholar will revise the thesis and incorporate the changes in the light of the suggestions made by external examiner (Ivan Reid) and local examiner (Dr. Usman Khalil)…The scholar will re-submit the revised version of the thesis within six months. …The supervisor will certify that all the corrections observed by the examiners have been incorporated in a satisfactory manner….The viva of the scholar will be conducted after the receipt of the report to the Controller Examination from the supervisor”. 

Hurry up – do no miss the opportunity.

Pathatic situation of University of Education


There is a great debate in Pakistan about fake degrees; very few people talk about the state of affairs in higher education institutions.  University of Education is an alarming example of this situation. The administration of the University is in the hand of retired and incompetent people. Apart from a lot of complaints from students, nobody bothers to take action against them.  What kind of educational standard we can expect from following administration:

§  Vice Chancellor (Care Taker) Mrs. Farhat Saleem – Not eligible for even university Associate Processor; Two unsettled objections of financial embezzlement against her of amount Rs. 2,36,32,412/ = and  Rs. 2,85,116/= (Director General Audit Punjab  had framed these objections.

§  Acting Registrar Mr. Bashir Ahmed (On Contract)Retired DCO; No prior experience of university administration; Appointed as Additional Director Admin; Audit para against his appointment

§  Controller Examination(Acting) Dr. Shaban Bhatti (On contract); Retired Professor; Facing HEC Enquiry; Audit objection against his appointment as controller

§  Treasurer (Acting) Mr. Muhammad  Arif –  Appointed as Additional Director Finance but working as Treasurer; Audit para against his appointment as Treasure; Many complaints against him

§  Deputy Director Admin Mr. Nasir Ahmed – (Illegal appointment) Audit objection against his Illegal appointment

§  Director Okara Campus Dr. Shafiq Khan (On contract) – Retired Professor; Faced many University enquiries; But no action taken against him; Audit objection against his appointment

§  Director Division of Education Dr. Khalid Mahmmod – Assistant Professor  (Appointment against UE Regulations); According to UE Calendar 2005, Schedule 41 item No.(3.2) Assistant Professor cannot be appointed as Director of a Division 

§  Director Division of Arts & Social Sciences Dr. Muzafar Abbas (On contract) –   Retired Professor of college cadre

§  Principal Multan Campus Dr. Zahoor Sheikh (On contract) – Retired Professor

§  Chairman Admission Committee (Div. Sci. & Tech) Dr. Manzoor Ahmed (On contract) – Retired Professor

§  In charge Security Mr. Aleem Khan (On contract) – Retired Major from Pak Army

§  Ph. D. Supervisor of Mrs. Farhat Saleem Dr. Ibrahim Khalid (On contract) – Retired Professor

The appointment of retired personals are against HEC, Punjab Government regulations and comes under the ambit of the observation of the Hounorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Who is going to take action? this is a serious question.